International Congress of Laboratory Medicine postponed!

International Congress of Laboratory Medicine postponed!

The International Congress of Laboratory Medicine 2020 has been postponed from April 14-16 to June 10-12, 2020. We invite you to visit the stand of the company «DNA Technology Ukraine»!

For laboratory doctors, molecular diagnostics specialists, clinicians, gynecologists, reproductive specialists, our specialists will hold: Seminar on the topic: "Modern methods of diagnosing biota of the urogenital tract."

Lecturer: Zorina Victoria Vladimirovna, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Leading Specialist of LLC "DNA-Technology".



Seminar program:

  1. The role of microbial groups in the human body.
  2. Traditional methods of identification of microorganisms in the urogenital tract.
  3. A new PCR method for diagnosing biota of the urogenital tract in real time.
  4. Indications for examination of sexual partners.
  5. "Femoflor®" and "Androflor®" - innovative PCR technologies in the diagnosis of dysbiotic disorders of the urogenital tract.

Also for laboratory physicians, molecular diagnostics specialists, geneticists, clinicians, our specialists will conduct: Lecture on "Human genotyping - diagnostic value of PCR research."

Lecturers: Makshaeva Eleonora Tengizivna, biologist of the highest category, immunogenetist, candidate of biological sciences, head of the molecular genetic laboratory of LLC "Eugenics", Zorina Victoria Vladimirovna, candidate of biological sciences, leading specialist of LLC "DNA-Technology".

Seminar program:

  1. General issues of using the PCR method for human genotyping ("4P-medicine").
  2. The essence of multifactorial diseases.
  3. Genetics of hereditary thrombophilia - contribution to reproductive losses; complications of hormonal contraception and other conditions associated with thrombogenic risks.
  4. Genetic factors of male infertility - diagnostic significance of PCR analysis.
  5. Genetics of folate deficiency states.
  6. Influence of disorders in folate cycle enzyme genes on the state of hyperhomocysteinemia.
  7. The role of genes of the main histocompatibility complex of HLA in practical medicine.

Venue - Kyiv, Victory Avenue, 40-B, ACCO International Exhibition Center, Pushkin Park, near the metro "Shulyavskaya" and "Polytechnic Institute".

We believe that the situation in the country will improve, the Congress will be held and we will meet with you on June 10-12, 2020!

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