Innovative technologies for the study of biocenoses

Innovative technologies for the study of biocenoses

Sets of reagents "Femoflor" and "Androflor" - innovative studies of the microflora of the reproductive tract of women and men - have been one of the leaders in the market of PCR diagnostics for several years.

The company "DNA-Technology" has developed a unique technology for quantitative and qualitative assessment of the composition of the microbiota of a particular habitat of the human body by PCR in "real time".

This approach allows to effectively diagnose dysbiotic disorders, to assess their severity, to determine the etiological significance of specific opportunistic pathogens in the development of imbalance, to control the preanalytical stage.

The technology makes it possible to significantly objectify and accelerate the diagnosis of pathological conditions caused by imbalance of normo-and opportunistic flora, as well as the possible presence of pathogenic microorganisms, individualize treatment and conduct dynamic monitoring of the effectiveness of therapy.


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