About the company

The company "DNA-Technology Ukraine" presents products for the full technological cycle of molecular genetic research by real-time PCR, PCR with detection of endpoint results, including basic equipment, a wide range of reagents for clinical bacteriology, virology, genodiagnostics, and reagents for the detection of DNA of infectious agents of agricultural plants and the diagnosis of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
The quality of products at the level of world analogues is confirmed by international certificates (ISO 13485 to: 2016, 9001: 2015, CE IVD-certificates), which allows the company to compete successfully in Ukraine and abroad (partners in 45 countries).
The main directions of work of the company "DNA-Technology Ukraine":
  • supply of reagent kits for DNA / RNA isolation systems for PCR diagnostics;
  • supply of PCR equipment, including detecting amplifiers of the DT series (DT-96, DT Prime, DT Light), thermostats, fluorescence detectors, PCR boxes;
  • providing laboratories with consumables for PCR;
  • service support of the equipment;
  • technological support and consultations of laboratories on the company's products;
  • organization of scientific and practical seminars and lectures for specialists in laboratory diagnostics.

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